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Welcome to the New York Ring Homepage

This Web Ring is intended for all quality New York related sites. It is managed by
New York Psychotherapy Collective.

Don't know what a Web Ring is ? This page should help you out.

To join the ring you must be a site relating to New York.

The sites accepted into the ring must:

- contain decent language and material
- include the required HTML code exactly and display the ring badge with all its links on the approved page. This does not need to be the main page, a links page or webring page is ok, but the url you enter for your site must be the same page as where you have the badges. Please don't point to your main page and then have the badges on a different page.
It is suggested that if your badge is on a links page or webring page that you have a link pointing to your main page under the badge. - place the .gif file into the site's directory on the owner's own server
- have appropriate New York content If you are in doubt if your site has enough New York Content then please ask us first before you add the code to your page. ask us

All sites are subject to approval by the administrators who reserve the right to refuse or remove any site for any reason.

A site can be removed from the ring if:

- it breaks the ring and the webmaster doesn't respond to notices;
- it doesn't display the required HTML code on the accepted page;
- it adds offensive material
- it moves without advising the administrators of the new address.

Check out the ring stats

How to join?

If you agree to these terms and meet the above requirements, you can submit your site for consideration. All you need to do is


Fill out the form in this link to be placed in the webring queue.


Then place the required code in your page. The code can be taken from the example below, or there will be a link to the code in the confirmation email that will be sent to you after you join the queue.

When you get id number (after you join the queue) then replace all occurrences of --id-- in the black html code below by your actual ID number, then paste the code into your page.


Save the image file containing the graphic parts of the ring badge ON YOUR SERVER, DO NOT ACCESS THEM FROM HERE !
To do that, place the cursor on the image and hit the RIGHT mouse button. Choose SAVE AS from the mini-menu that appears.
The names of the image is:

Place the graphic files in the same directory as your ring-approved page.
E-mail us ( your request for addition to the ring. In your message, include:
- Your site's URL,e-mail and name of the contact person

We will check out your site and add it to the ring. As soon as your site is added, you will receive an e-mail notifying you of the addition. If you move, change your site name etc., you must let us know.

The HTML code will look like this (this is a working webring badge. To see what the HTML looks like for this use the view page source feature of your browser).

The New York Ring
New York
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The New York Ring is managed by The New York Psychotherapy Collective

you can look at the code source from your brower, or this is the same code here

We would appreciate a link to us from your site - here's how:
Use this code with this graphic:
<a href=""><img src="nypcb2.gif" border=0></A>

It will look (and act) like this: